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Unstable Unicorns creators announce next card game, Here to Slay

Adorable adventurers.

Slaughter monsters and sabotage rivals in the latest party game from the publisher behind Unstable Unicorns, Here to Slay.

On a quest to defeat beasts and become legends Here to Slay sees players assembling a party of ragtag heroes to successfully destroy three monsters and claim victory before their opponents.

Each player will get to choose from a selection of party leaders to command their team: including classic fantasy RPG animal archetypes such as squirrel bards and wizard bunnies. Every party leader comes with a unique special ability for players to use during gameplay, with some designed to protect hero parties from attempts to meddle with their mission and others even helping the player sabotage opponents themselves.

Under these party leaders will be a group of brave heroes looking to slay some beasts, with each one possessing various buffs and abilities for players to use throughout the game - for example, Vibrant Glow the Guardian Hero gives a plus five bonus to all player rolls until the end of their turn. Just like the party leaders some heroes have powers that can help players mess with their opponents: such as Bad Axe the Fighter Hero, who can destroy another hero.

Should a player successfully gather a full party of all six classes found in the game then they automatically become the winner, which is why heroes like Bad Axe can come in so useful.

Here to Slay board game layout

Another way to win Here to Slay is to defeat three monsters by using your heroes’ various classes and powers, alongside the right rolls to deal enough damage. Whenever a player faces off against a monster they must be able to hit the right class requirements - for example, one fighter and another hero - and score a roll that’s equal to or above that monster’s power rating.

If the player succeeds then they slay the monster and get one step closer to victory, but failure could result in the player having to face any number of negative effects, including discarding hero cards.

Luckily there are plenty of useful items and magic spells to be found throughout the game, which can be used to help heroes reach the requirements they need to defeat a monster. However, they can also be used by other players to make battles even harder to win - so heroes will have to be prepared to defend against these.

One very significant way that opponents can sabotage other players is to lay down a challenge card, doing so instigates a one on one duel wherein both players roll two dice and whomever gets the highest result wins the bout. Should the challenger succeed they can force the other player to discard the card they were intending to use that turn.

This kind of sabotage is somewhat similar to Unstable Games’ previous release, party board game Unstable Unicorns, wherein players could play cards to stop their opponents from collecting the unicorns they needed to win the game.

Here to Slay is currently on Kickstarter until February 11th with a pledge of $20 (£16) getting a copy of the base game, which is due to arrive sometime in September of this year.

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