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Iron Maiden’s zombie mascot Eddie shambles into Zombicide, Ankh: Gods of Egypt board games

Publisher CMON is selling miniature Eddies designed for several of its popular tabletop series.

Miniatures of Iron Maiden's Eddie produced by CMON for several of their board games.
Image credit: CMON

Perennial UK metal band Iron Maiden is crossing over into the tabletop realm with a bevy of miniatures that add zombie mascot Eddie to Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Zombicide and other games in publisher CMON’s portfolio.

The odd partnership was announced over the weekend and detailed three separate boxes of Eddie figurines stylized after his many iterations over Iron Maiden’s 47 years and nearly as many albums. The zombie traces his origins back to a papier-mâché mask of stage technician Dave "Lights" Beazley’s face. It squirted fake blood from its mouth at the end of each show and quickly became a fan staple, eventually accruing the nickname Eddie and a recurring role on the band’s album artwork and merchandise, as well as their evolving stage presence.

Metalheads, tabletop gamers, and those in both camps will be able to pick up 15 different Eddie miniatures. Each is designed for use in a particular CMON-published board game, from Zombicide 2nd Edition (on our list of the best zombie board games) and Rising Sun, to Massive Darkness 2nd Edition, Ankh: Gods of Egypt and Cthulhu: Death May Die.

The zombies in Dead of Winter aren't nearly as personable as Eddie. If you're curious to try your hand against the undead hordes, Liv helpfully breaks down how to play.Watch on YouTube

Depending on the game, the mini can be used in various roles. For example, the Zombicide Eddies can act both as a survivor or abomination, while the Cthulhu: Death May Die players can deploy those figures as either an investigator or monster. Rules and cards for adding any planned Eddies to players’ board games will be included in their respective boxes.

Each of the three advertised boxes will contain six miniatures, alongside the rules and cards. A thirteenth promotional miniature depicting the original version that graced Iron Maiden’s debut 1975 album is only available to those who purchase a special three-box bundle for $66.60. (not sure if that joke translates well across currency exchanges)

Those worried about how a British metal band zombie mascot might clash with the atmosphere of their board games have obviously not researched just how varied Eddie has been depicted. The rotting character was once a samurai, a mummy, a futuristic cyborg, a wicker construction and even an Egyptian Pharaoh - he’s had a busy unlife. More information about the Iron Maiden crossover can be found on CMON’s product pre-order page.

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