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Mascarade, the classic hidden role game, is getting a make-over later this year

Polish language version coming first.

A brand new edition of the hidden role card game Mascarade is set to be released later this year.

Originally published in 2013, Mascarade will be getting a make-over featuring new artwork from Diana Chen, otherwise known as Things by Diana on Instagram. According to a post made by the game’s designer, Bruno Faidutti, on BoardGameGeek the new edition will include roles from both the previous base release and its expansion, which features all additional 13 characters released for the title. Faidutti did not confirm which roles made the cut, however, they did assure players that they “tried to keep the best ones”.

Besides the new artwork and mixture of hidden role cards from the original base game and Expansion, according to a listing on the retail site Rebel, the revised version of Mascarade will also feature a selection of scenario cards that will enable players to adjust the game’s deck to better fit certain player counts.

Mascarade new edition layout

Mascarade is a party game for two to 13 players that takes place during a fancy masked ball. Before the game begins, players are randomly dealt a character card - which stays faceup for as long as it takes for the player to memorise it, before being flipped facedown - with each one coming with their own unique character power for players to utilise in the game.

Players then take turns to perform one of three potential actions: either announce who their character is and claim its unique power, swap cards with another player or secretly look at their own character card to check its identity. When claiming a character power, players do not need to necessarily have that character card. However, should another player claim to have that card instead, then they must reveal their actual card and will lose a coin to the tribunal - with the accuser taking that action. The game continues until one player has successfully acquired 13 coins and is named the winner.

Apart from creating Mascarade, Faidutti is known for designing another card game called Citadels - a tabletop title wherein players must acquire the gold they need to then construct new buildings - as well as co-creating the board game Diamant, originally published under the name Incan Gold, that sees players attempting to push their luck as far as they can in order to find the most treasure.

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Repos Production, the publisher behind beginner board game 7 Wonders and its two-player spin-off title 7 Wonders Duel, is the studio responsible for releasing the new edition of Mascarade, as well as the original.

According to Faidutti, the new edition of Mascarade is set to be released in Polish first, with no confirmation as to when it will be published in other languages. However, the designer commented that “it’s bound to replace the old version” at some point.

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