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Point Salad creators announce Point City, a new casual board that trades produce for pavement

Veg out in the city.

Part of the promotional artwork of Point City. Multiple boldly coloured building compose a 2D, flat cityscape, including a radio tower, water tower, bank and grocery store.
Image credit: Dylan Mangini

Beloved party game Point Salad will be joined by a new addition to the card-drafting family when the just announced Point City drops next year.

The news comes from publisher Flatout Games, who also helped create Point Salad back in 2019. A tweet from the company’s official accounts said it will be co-publishing Point City with Alderac Entertainment Group and described the title as a “simple engine-building card game that features dynamic city-grid drafting.”

The design trio of Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, Shawn Stankewich have returned to create Point City, along with illustrator Dylan Mangini. From the one piece of promotional art, fans can likely expect this urban-themed followup to hew close to the style of its predecessor, just without so much leafy greens.

In fact, there isn’t much else known about Point City, beyond a general 2023 release date. Dicebreaker reached out to the co-publishers for more information but did not receive a response. Comments in the tweet thread point towards a continued emphasis on simple-to-learn card drafting mechanics made a bit more complex as they feed into a new resource management aspect.

Flatout also mentioned that it will have a prototype on display at Gen Con next month but will not be ready for full demos in time for the show. Point Salad became a fast favourite of the Dicebreaker team - landing on Meehan’s best games list of 2020 - for its deceptively easy rules that give way to some of the best party game antics that currently comes in a box. Choosing vegetable cards seems eye-rolling simple until each player adds additional rules that change the point value for having more, less or sometimes zero of a certain veggie.

Flatout Games also published Cascadia, the winner of the coveted Spiel de Jahres in 2022, along with the kitten-themed Calico and last year’s Verdant. AEG is likely best known for publishing Smash Up, Mystic Vale, and digital versions of many titles shared between it and Flatout. Stay tuned to Dicebreaker for more info about Point City as it becomes available.

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