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Get ready to eat your greens with Johnny and Alex Lolies, as they play a game of Point Salad

The race is onion!

Point Salad revolves around something as mundane as collecting vegetables to make a disappointingly boring dish (not a fan of salad), but it’s actually surprisingly fun, as our very own Johnny and Alex Lolies find out.

In Point Salad players take it in turns to select certain cards to help score them points, either choosing to take two vegetable cards or one points card. Whilst the vegetable cards don’t initially count for anything, with the right point cards in tow, a good collection of different vegetables can net players a huge total by the end of the game.

Despite its fast-paced gameplay and cute artstyle Point Salad actually offers quite a bit of tactical depth, requiring players to think about what they want to take and what they’re willing to lose. Not every points card works for every set-up with some cards even causing certain vegetables to equal negative points. Point Salad is a game where careful deliberation is essential and having a good long-term plan means being one step closer to winning.

The game ends once all the cards from the available pool have been taken, with every player calculating their points and determining who has the greatest total. It’s incredibly quick to set-up and a lot of fun to play, so it’s definitely worth getting out for the odd lunchtime game.

Find out who reigns victorious in the court of Point Salad in our playthrough, will it be Johnny or Lolies who takes the vegetable crown?

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