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Design your own beautiful garden with upcoming board game Succulent

Look sharp.

Renegade Game Studios, the publisher behind storytelling RPG Icarus and competitive construction board game Architects of the West Kingdom, has announced a new title, Succulent, a strategic board game in which you compete to be the best gardener.

It’s designed by J. Alex Kevern, who previously worked on mining empire builder board game Gold West, as well as Sentient, a strategy game where you choose robots to work in your factory.

In Succulent, you play gardeners responsible for the selection, pruning and care of your plants as part of maintaining a succulent garden.

For two to four players, each turn you collect succulent cuttings along with water crystals, which are then used to complete various projects. You’ll need to optimise your moves each turn to succeed.

Successfully completed projects lead to victory points - whoever has the most at the end wins, as well as being crowned the master horticulturist.

It comes with a range of meeples, tokens and illustrations from Anna Daviscourt, whose whimsical designs have previously been included in children’s books.

Along with Renegade title Space Battle Lunch Time Card Game, Succulents will be available at Board Game Expo - a new board game pre-release event taking place in certain stores across the US - on April 4th, before hitting retail in May.

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