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Frantic co-op board game The Captain is Dead is coming to PC

A doomed crew-sade.

High octane co-op board game The Captain is Dead - which sees your crew trying to keep it all together on a besieged spaceship - is getting a digital PC adaptation.

For one to seven players, in the original board game you all play crew members desperately trying to fend off annihilation in space. As the name suggests, your captain is dead and you must all work together to take control of the ship while fending off hostile aliens.

You’ll each use your unique skills and abilities, along with canny crew member placement, to save the ship and your lives. Crew members include a cyborg immune to the mysterious terrors of the cosmos, a soldier excellent at killing aliens and the teleporter chief, who can beam around the ship.

There are multiple areas within the ship that provide unique benefits, such as the infirmary, where you can heal crew members, and the science lab, in which cosmic mysteries can be researched.

A fully co-operative board game, if one of you dies, the rest are doomed. If you succeed, you’ll be able to repair your jump core and escape to warp space.

The Captain is Dead board game comes from publisher Alderac Entertainment, which is known for card games Love Letter and Smash Up.

The PC adaptation is being developed by Thunderbox Entertainment, a video game company that specialises in adapting board games. Its previous digital board game titles include abstract strategy board game Tsuro: The Game of the Path and dice-based title Roll for It.

Currently listed on PC digital game store Steam, The Captain is Dead’s digital adaptation was slated to release on February 1st, but is yet to be made available.

The developer is, however, currently seeking games testers, so you could potentially give it a go early.

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