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Trick animals into capitalism with Fortune, the first expansion for board game Tiny Towns

One querc-ey expansion.

Create a thriving economy and get rich in Tiny Towns: Fortune, the first expansion for the cute city building board game from the makers of Smash Up.

Tiny Towns is a board game for one to six players, in which everyone plays mayor to their very own civilisation of woodland animals looking for safety from hungry predators. Each player’s town is represented by a four by four grid that must be filled with resource cubes in order to construct different buildings.

Players will be able to score victory points for each property they construct, depending on certain unique criteria, but will lose points for every square that is left empty. Once all players have run out of resources to construct more buildings, victory points are tallied and the winner is whoever has scored the most.

Tiny Towns: Fortune sees the players extending their mayoral duties to establishing and managing an economy for the residents - and their own benefit, of course. With a newly created currency of Quercs, formed from the otherwise useless metals found in the surrounding hills, the animals can now buy and sell goods to each other.

The players can utilise these Quercs to make their towns more prosperous and obtain additional resources to construct even more buildings with, eventually being able to cash in their remaining coins for victory points at the game’s end.

There are also an entirely unique set of buildings featured in the expansion: including banks, theatres and mines, that players can use to further develop their town’s wealth.

Fortune is designed by Peter McPherson, the creator behind Tiny Towns, and Josh Wood - the maker of the adorable card game Cat Lady.

The expansion’s publisher, Alderac Entertainment Group, previously made party board game The Captain is Dead and will be releasing the upcoming Mariposas - which was designed by Wingspan creator Elizabeth Hargrave.

Tiny Towns: Fortune will be available from February 21st priced at $29.99 (around £23).

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