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Theodén joins the War of the Ring in next expansion for Lord of the Rings board game

Royal rumble.

Kings of Middle-earth focuses on the efforts of Rohan and Gondor’s rulers, as well as the leaders of the elves, dwarves and the North, as they struggle against Sauron’s plans for conquest. Featuring characters such as Theodén, Daìn, Brand, Denethor and Thranduil, Kings of Middle-earth looks to expand the original board game’s story.

Alongside the figures and rulesets for the additional characters, Kings of Middle-earth also includes new rules for siege battles alongside siege machine figurines. Brand new units for the Shadow armies are also featured in this expansion.

War of the Ring was originally created by a trio of designers - Roberto Di Meglio, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello - and published by Ares Games in 2004, before receiving a second edition by the same team in 2012. A board game for two to four players, War of the Ring has been widely acclaimed as one of the best board games, as it recreates battles from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings book series - rather than being one of the movie board games based on Peter Jackson’s films - by having players command different armies from both the light and dark sides.

Each side of the battle has their own objectives to complete - with Sauron looking to find the Ring and control certain strongholds, and the free people providing the Fellowship with enough time to destroy the Ring - and must confront the other with their various forces in order to win.

Previous expansions for War of the Ring include Lords of Middle-earth, which allowed players to explore alternative story scenarios, and Warriors of Middle-earth, which added new units to the game including ents, great eagles and giant spiders.

Kings of Middle-earth is currently set to release sometime in 2020 with no confirmed retail price known.

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