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Disney Villainous creators unveil new board game, Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons

Whip roaringly good.

Defend the island of Themyscira as the legendary hero and her companions in Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons, the new board game from the team behind Disney Villainous.

A co-op board game for two to five players, Wonder Woman sees players becoming the iconic DC character and four of her fellow Amazonian warriors, as they fight to protect their home against invading forces.

As Ares, Circe and the Cheetah attempt to penetrate Themyscira’s defenses, players must work together to keep their enemies at bay, with every faction offering a unique challenge for players to overcome.

Each round has the players’ chosen enemy advancing on the island, moving to an area, activating their special abilities and resolving any effects shown on cards drawn from their deck. Enemies can deploy their forces, block roads to different areas and turn Amazons against each other, amongst other things, so players will have to keep on their toes to prevent from being overrun.

Players then draw five cards each from the shared hero deck, with three remaining face-down, and can proceed to discuss their strategy. Any cards kept face-down cannot be shared during this phase, but can be viewed privately by the holding player in the following phase. Once players have finished strategising, they cannot discuss their plans any further and must place a card in each of the numbered action spaces on their hero board.

These cards are then revealed and can be resolved in any order the players decide, with each card enabling players to perform certain actions depending on the emblems shown - for example, the agility icon indicates that players can move to that many regions - with some actions being entirely unique depending on the current status of the game.

Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons board game layout

Players can even combine the emblems on their hero cards to perform a more powerful action, as long as their heroes occupy the same location. Warrior cubes can also be used to increase the effectiveness of an action, with players discarding the number of cubes they want to increase their emblems by.

Depending on which Amazon players decide to be, they will have access to a special ability to help them and their allies. For example, Diana can move to any one region regardless of her current location, and Artemis may choose a relic from two cards at the beginning of the game - with four of the remaining relic cards getting shuffled into the main hero deck.

To win, players must successfully deplete the enemy’s health to zero and end them whilst fulfilling a criteria specific to that enemy - for example, Ares must be killed using a fully charged Sword of Hephaestus - or otherwise risk defeat should their foe whittle the island’s defenses down to nothing.

Prospero Hall, the creator of asymmetric board game Disney Villainous and horror board game Horrified, is responsible for designing Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons.

The board game is being published by Ravensburger, the company behind medieval tile placement game The Castles of Burgundy and its recently revealed sequel, The Castles of Tuscany.

The release date for Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons is March 1st 2020, with the board game currently retailing at $34.99 (around £27) on Amazon US.

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