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Warhammer master painter Duncan Rhodes is launching his own miniatures paint range

Former Warhammer TV host’s Two Thin Coats Paints will include 60 colours, washes and metallics.

Former Warhammer TV host and Games Workshop pro painter Duncan Rhodes is launching a new range of paints for miniatures.

Rhodes found fame as one of the lead presenters on Games Workshop’s Warhammer TV YouTube channel, as well as its Warhammer Live Twitch streams, where he would build and paint models from both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.

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In late 2019, Rhodes departed Games Workshop after almost a decade at the company, founding painting tutorial outlet Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy alongside fellow former GW alumnus Roger Yates in early 2020.

The upcoming range of paints that bear the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy name have been created by newly founded wargaming accessories company Trans Atlantis Games. The dropper-bottle paints will be the company’s first release, with 3D accessories such as miniatures planned for the future.

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The Two Thin Coats Paints range is named after Rhodes’ preference for applying two thinner layers of paint on a model rather than a single thick coat, and will include 60 acrylic paints - including six metallics, six washes and 48 colours in 18 triads. According to Trans Atlantis, the paints have been created from scratch with the input of Rhodes and Yates, rather than slapping a label on existing paints. A second wave of paints is planned to follow the first, Rhodes added.

The paints will be available via a Kickstarter campaign launching later today, September 7th. The Two Thin Coats range will be released in hobby stores and online following the crowdfunding campaign.

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