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Sus! is a tabletop RPG inspired by Among Us

Not An Imposter.

Video game phenomenon Among Us has inspired a new tabletop RPG.

Designer Nuno Teixeira’s RPG Sus! draws from the wildly popular space-murder party game by dropping four to six players into a situation where some of the group might be imposters working against everyone else.

Update 2/11/20: Teixeria has released a '2.0' version of the Among Us-inspired RPG under the new name of Traitor!, citing unintended "harmful connotations" related to the game's previous title as the reason for the change.

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Unlike the hit video game, the group isn’t necessarily on board a spaceship - the tabletop RPG leaves things open for the players to decide the “unfamiliar place” they find themselves trying to survive.

At the start of the game, players secretly draw dice from a bag at random. If they draw one of the two traitor dice, they must work against the rest of the survivors. This also means that there might be no traitors in the game - but nobody knows that.

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There is no game master in Sus! Instead, players take it in turns to become the leader for each of four scenes. Each scene comprises a short paragraph with a number of story prompts filled in by the players clockwise around the table.

Players roll six-sided dice to decide the outcome of events during each scene, with the traitors able to lie about their result. At the end of a round, the number of odd results are counted - depending on how many results are odd, players or the current leader can die. For a player to be killed, the group must decide unanimously - leading to heated conversations about who might be a traitor.

Like the ghosts in Among Us, who can continue to complete tasks to help the surviving crew, killed players in Sus! aren’t eliminated entirely and can keep filling in narrative prompts - with the added complication of their character being dead. Killed players can’t contribute dice rolls to the outcome of the scene.

If any traitors survive to the end of the final scene, the remaining survivors are killed and the traitors win. Otherwise, the survivors win and get to share their story.

Sus! can be found on indie marketplace, where it’s currently half price at $1.50 for the 15-page PDF. A Dyslexia-friendly version is included.

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