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Atlas of the Latter Earth is an RPG supplement with serious Elden Ring vibes

Explore Worlds without Number.

A supplement for the fantasy roleplaying game Worlds Without Number has some distinct similarities with the popular video game Elden Ring.

Designed to be used with the Worlds Without Number RPG system – which also has a sci-fi roleplaying game variant called Stars Without Number – Atlas of the Latter Earth is a supplement based on a fictional dark fantasy world in the last throws of its greatness. Similar to Elden Ring, a video game developed by Dark Souls studio From Software, Atlas of the Latter Earth focuses on themes of lost greatness, fallen kingdoms, decaying civilisations and those stupid or reckless enough to explore them.

The last kingdoms of the Atlas of the Latter Earth now lie in ruins, populated by dead kings and foul creatures guarding the treasures left within. As a group of adventurers willing and greedy enough to try, the players will be venturing into these lands to find and return with the remaining priceless artefacts. Players will be travelling across 38 different locations in the tabletop RPG supplement – from desolate wildernesses to entire islands – taking on an entire bestiary of terrible creatures along the way.

Fantasy-themed artwork for the supplement for Atlas of the Latter Earth.

Contained within the 200-page supplement are also classes for players to use when creating their characters, including a Wise class for non-magic users, a mageslayer class designed to deal with sorcerer types and a bard for those players that enjoy charming their opponents, instead of killing them. Besides their class, players can also pick from a selection of different origins for their characters such as Beastfolk or Atlantian Zakathi. Game masters will have access to a selection of optional rules to help them run campaigns or one-shot adventures in Atlas of the Latter Earth – altering the world to fit their vision of less magic or even more brutal rules around taking wounds.

Atlas of the Latter Earth was created by Kevin Crawford, a game designer who has previously created several RPGs and supplements in the past, including the aforementioned Worlds Without Number and Stars Without Number.

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Worlds Without Number is a fantasy TRPG that provides players and GMs with a gritty and dark world to explore. Player characters in Worlds Without Number will have to survive against the harshness of a world falling into decay, fighting against ruthless lords and hideous monsters alike. The RPG itself is compatible with OSR – or Old School Renaissance – a game that takes inspiration from the earlier approaches to tabletop roleplaying, with players struggling to survive against the many perils of an adventuring life.

The Kickstarter campaign for Atlas of the Latter Earth is live until July 1st, with a pledge of $60 (£49) getting backers a physical copy of the book in June 2023. Alternatively, a PDF version of the book is available for a pledge of $20 (£17).

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