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There’s a Cocaine Bear tabletop RPG based on the Honey Heist system

Cocaine Owlbear.

Cocaine Owlbear is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by Cocaine Bear, a comedy film released earlier this year, and based on the Honey Heist gameplay system created by Grant Howitt.

Also known as Fantasy Woodland Cocaine Heist Crew, Cocaine OwlBear is a tabletop RPG that takes inspiration from the 2023 film Cocaine Bear, which stars Ray Liotta and was directed by Elizabeth Banks, in which a bear embarks on a rampage after consuming a large amount of cocaine.

In the TRPG, players take the role of woodland creatures who have gained sentience after ingesting some ‘magical’ cocaine they found. With their newfound intelligence, the player characters decide to carry out a heist written out on a piece of paper they pilfer from the owner of the cocaine. However, pulling off the heist won’t be easy and will require the players stealing even more cocaine to ensure they won’t revert back to their ordinary, animal forms.

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The gameplay of Cocaine Owlbear is based on Honey Heist, with players having two core stats to use – cocaine and woodland creature. Which stat players use will depend on the type of action they’re performing, with the more animalistic acts – such as fighting or tearing – using woodland creature, and the acts that require more intelligence using cocaine.

At the start of the adventure, both stats begin at three, however, whenever things go wrong for a character, they must move a stat point from cocaine to woodland creature. Should a player succeed in an action involving speed or intelligence, they can move a stat point from woodland creature to cocaine. Should all six of their stat points ever fall into woodland creature, then the character must revert back into an ordinary animal. But if all six stat points go into cocaine, the character betrays their fellow animals and fully dives into a life of crime. Players can also voluntarily move points back and forth between stats.

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Players can choose between a variety of animal types when creating their Cocaine Owlbear character – including an owlbear, ferret, racoon and unicorn – as well as a number of descriptors, their role in the party and the gear they’ll use. The games master can randomly generate a scenario by rolling dice for aspects such as location, security and who is in charge of the place the players are robbing.

Cocaine Owlbear was created by Mike Lafferty, who has created several other rules-lightTRPGs based on the Honey Heist system such as Redneck Ninja: The RPG and High Moon: The Great Werewolf Robbery, under the Fainting Goat Games publishing name.

Players can download a digital PDF version of Cocaine Owlbear for $1 (£1) or more on the game’s store.

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