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Improve your D&D games by exploring the new worlds featured in this collection of fantasy maps

Including over 100 different maps.

Artwork for a Collection of Fantasy Maps II.
Image credit: De Architecturart

Step your games of D&D up to the next level with this collection of original fantasy maps.

A follow-up to the original A Collection of Fantasy Maps, A Collection of Fantasy Maps II introduces over 100 new maps for players to utilise in their tabletop roleplaying games. Available in both physical and digital versions, this 200+ page book contains artwork, cartography and worldbuilding elements for game masters to implement into their playthroughs of fantasy TRPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder 2E and Pendragon 6E.

These maps cover six different regions of a fantasy world: with environments ranging from ancient castle ruins, forgotten underground dungeons and dark waterlogged caves. Besides providing the general layout of these locations, this map collection features details about specific parts of each map - such as things that players can interact with. Interactive elements found in the pages of A Collection of Fantasy Maps II include plants players can attempt to brew potions with, treasures for them to collect and various hazards for them to tackle.

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The map collection provides GM’s with jumping-off points where they can implement their own creative vision onto template aspects - such as key points of interest, hints at larger implications or histories and even non-player characters for them to take control of. A Collection of Fantasy Maps II takes inspirations from a number of different sources: from Arthurian fantasy to eldritch horrors to Ancient Greek mythology, with a portfolio of illustrations included to immerse both GMs and players within this world.

GMs will find monsters, enemies and even boss characters for their players to face off against within this book of maps. One such example are a school of dangerous, large and sharp-toothed wolfish, as well as Duke Vitiges of Gold Shine - an undead ‘hero’ who roams the halls of the Hypogeum and wears many valuable treasures for players to attempt to retrieve.

Artwork for a Collection of Fantasy Maps II.
Image credit: De Architecturart

A Collection of Fantasy Maps II was co-created by Guillaume Tavernier - an illustrator who has previously worked on board games such as Soul Raiders and Rise & Fall, as well as RPGs like Stygian Fox and Black Book Editions - and Géraud G, an author and game designer who has written for several TRPGs, such as Black Book Editions, and is publishing manager for the Austerion series of fantasy books and games.

A crowdfunding campaign for A Collection of Fantasy Maps II is set to be launched on Kickstarter on May 29th.

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