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Here's a Come Dine With Me-inspired tabletop RPG from Wicked + Divine and Die writer

I hope it makes you very happy.

Win and enjoy the money or ruin someone’s night - completely - in a free tabletop RPG inspired by dinner party competition show Come Dine With Me.

Come Dice With Me is the latest creation of Kieron Gillen, writer of RPG-inspired comic book Die (which has its own free tie-in tabletop game) and The Wicked + The Divine.

The free roleplaying game mimics the format of the TV show, in which contestants take it in turns to host a dinner party before being scored by their guests. The RPG explicitly plays into the reality show framing, with one player taking the role of the director and all of the players working together to create the most entertaining ‘episode’ rather than just aiming to win. (It’s suggested that players introduce their characters in the style of the show’s distinctive narrator.)

Players create contestants at random using roll tables to determine their personality and background - combinations range from sarcastic landed gentry to psychic interior decorator - as well as their food dislikes (“anything with eyes”, “anything from a cute animal” and “anything coloured orange” join the likes of lemons, fish and red meat), which will affect how particular dishes are received during each night.

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Once the dinner party is properly underway, the host rolls to see how their cooking skills hold up before the guests roll against the result, adjusting their total based on their character’s details, to see if the meal goes down as expected.

In true Come Dine With Me fashion, the guests can discover unexpected items while poking around the host’s house between courses, with an inevitable attempt at entertainment later in the evening also swaying each contestant’s final score during their drunk ride home in a taxi.

Gillen’s free PDF of the game’s rules - available to download from - includes variants to more faithfully stick to the TV show’s passive-aggressive dinner-table discussions, as well as the option to host a fantasy dinner party for guests including Nazgul, Gelatinous Cubes and “some kind of cat person”.

It also goes without saying that Come Dice With Me gives you the chance to recreate your own version of one of the best moments in TV history:

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