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SPONSORED: D&D map set Dungeon Craft helps you create dungeons, battles and cities for your fantasy world in seconds

Travel from fey forests to hellish underworlds in mere minutes.

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This article is sponsored by Dungeon Craft and 1985 Games. Find out more about Dungeon Craft and see the full range of TRPG terrain accessories on the 1985 Games website.

The Dungeon Craft range of tabletop RPG accessories aims to help dungeon masters save time by laying out detailed maps for their players in a matter of seconds.

The line of terrain collections includes sets of larger map tiles for buildings and smaller environmental pieces - such as trees, furniture and creatures - that can be combined to form various environments designed for use with miniatures or standees.

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To date, accessories maker 1985 Games has released five Dungeon Craft boxes, ranging from the fey forests and magical items of the Realm’s Edge set through the gothic horror-themed graveyards and crypts of Cursed Lands (think classic D&D adventure Curse of Strahd) to the medieval ramparts of Castles & Keeps and contrasting terrain of Hell & High Water, which offers both nautical tiles fit for seabound adventures and glowing lava pools for those venturing into the Nine Hells or other underground realms.

Alongside the more focused collections, Dungeon Craft: Volume 1 offers a broader selection of pieces for typical wilderness, dungeon and city environments. The pieces allow for a variety of settings, suiting everything from exploration to combat encounters.

The pieces are designed around the common one-inch scale of many grid-based tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons 5E and Pathfinder, working in tandem with typical gridded maps - including 1985 Games’ own BattleMap offering of laminated foldout maps. The scale and overlaid grid also means that the pieces can be used as terrain for the likes of miniatures games such as Warhammer 40,000.

Image credit: 1985 Games

Each of the pieces is printed on thick 14pt card stock and is wrapped in a laminated finish to help make them water-resistant - or drink-resistant, as is more often the way with roleplaying groups. The lamination also provides the ability to use wet and dry-erase pens for additional notation or details.

The Dungeon Craft boxes each contain over 1,000 pieces for players to cut out and use, with over 100 creature tokens - representing classic monsters such as wolves, goblins and skeletons - included alongside the environmental terrain.

The Realm’s Edge, Cursed Lands, Castles & Keeps, Hell & High Water and Volume 1 collections for Dungeon Craft are available now, costing £39/$39.99.

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