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Sons of Anarchy-esque supplement for D&D lets you form your own motorcycle gang

Highway to the Nine Hells of Baator.

Form a motorcycle gang in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with a new tabletop roleplaying game supplement.

The Fallen Few is a supplement designed to be used with the fantasy tabletop RPG D&D that enables players and game masters to create their own motorbike gangs and experience storylines around them. In a similar vein to the television series Sons of Anarchy, which follows a motorcycle gang operating across California, USA, The Fallen Few focuses on a group of bikers – who happen to be a Outlaw Motorcycle Club, a reference to the gang in Sons of Anarchy – and their various trials and tribulations.

In the tabletop RPG supplement, players will become part of The Fallen Few who operate in and around the town of Chapel Hill. Players will be able to ride their motorcycle through the small-town setting, fully embracing their biker persona and interacting with other bikers – both in and outside of their gang. As a member of The Fallen Few, players will be expected to protect their territory from rival gangs and intruders, working alongside – or potentially against – the existing leaders Sonny Bordello, Gage O’ Connor and Zetty Mercy.

A couple of pages from The Fallen Few TRPG.

Players can choose to create their own biker gang, become president of a gang or just a member, or join an existing gang. The motorcycle groups in The Fallen Few can range from the outright outlaw type or can be a somewhat law-abiding vigilante group, with the player characters’ decisions having the potential to alter the trajectory of each gang throughout the TRPG campaign. There are other groups available to join or lead depending upon which tier backers decided to pledge for.

When creating their characters, players can choose from a variety of different ranks in the gang – from president to prospect – as well as a general job, such as mechanic or tattoo artist. Players will also be able to choose from a selection of motorbikes and upgrade or customise their ride as they progress in the game. On their chosen mount, players will venture out on various missions including debt collection, club expansion and reacting to the local law enforcement.

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The Fallen Few was created by Mitchell Tierney, an author who has written several published books including a variety of young adult fantasy and sci-fi, as well adult fiction.

The Kickstarter for The Fallen Few is live until September 19th, with a pledge of AU$ 60 (£35/$41) getting backers a softcover copy of the book in November. Alternatively, a digital version is available for a pledge of AU$ 25 (£15/$17).

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