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Honey Heist creator’s 2 Rapid 2 Righteous is an RPG about being Fast & Furious - and Family - played with wind-up toy cars

Serve with tuna sandwiches.

Image credit: Grant Howitt/Dietmar Rabich (via Wikimedia Commons)

Honey Heist designer Grant Howitt is back with another ingenious one-page RPG. I’d say that The Rapid and The Righteous 2: 2 Rapid 2 Righteous is a Fast & Furious RPG in all but name, except its name is also about as subtle as the Fast X script.

2 Rapid 2 Righteous is technically a sequel to Howitt’s earlier one-pager The Rapid and The Righteous, which was released in 2017. Dicebreaker didn’t exist then, what do you want us to do?

Anyway, both games put you in the role of a street racer-slash-secret operator working on behalf of the government (or whoever), who could variously be played by Vin Diesel, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Michelle Rodríguez, if you happen to have them on speed-dial for a game night. Alternatively, just gruff your voice up a bit, wear sunglasses and flex a bunch.

Once you’ve rolled up your character - who might be anything from a genius engineer or tactical pro to a rough-and-ready street fighter or socially inept hacker - and picked a unique skill, you’ll need to establish your relationship to another player’s character, whether as a sibling, sweetheart, partner in crime or something else. Whatever they are, they’re Family.

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As you embark on some kind of high-octane mission (assassination, abduction, kidnap, capturing a nuclear sub…) replete with potential allies, enemies and a big-bad villain, you’ll be rolling to see how it all plays out. But you won’t be rolling with dice.

Instead, in a change to the original The Rapid and The Righteous’ 2d6 dice system, 2 Rapid 2 Righteous has you using wind-up toy cars - the kind you pull back on the table to charge them up before they whiz away - to ‘roll’ on three core outcomes of Fast, Furious and Family (of course). There’s the option to add ramps to double your outcome - good or bad - with whatever space your car stops on determining how things go.

The brilliantly creative twist is primed for hilarious, chaotic moments in that way at which Howitt excels, and gives you a nice excuse to dig out some toys and play with them. Dice are overrated anyway.

The Rapid and The Righteous 2: 2 Rapid 2 Righteous is pay-what-you-want over on, where you can also find the original. Howitt also puts out his one-page RPGs via his Patreon.

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