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Dungeons & Dragons & Drinks are the focus of this tabletop RPG supplement

Quench the thirst for adventure.

Drink down a collection of weird and wonderful concoctions with Libations, a tabletop roleplaying game supplement focused around adding unusual drinks.

Designed to be used with a wide variety of tabletop RPGs, such as the fantasy roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Libations is a supplement featuring a variety of drinkable liquids that cause any number of strange effects to occur.

Containing 200 pages and 1000 drinks, Libations offers game masters and players a selection of liquids to encounter within their tabletop RPG one-shots and/or campaigns. These drinks can be included within the loot at the end of a dungeon, a local tavern, at a magical marketplace or other suitable location. The effects of the drinks found within Libations can range from imbuing their drinkers with amazing abilities, to resulting in a less-than-fortunate outcome for the adventurer unlucky enough to risk tasting them.

A page in the Libations supplement book.

Each drink included in the supplement comes with a name, description of the drink’s appearance, what the liquid tastes like and whatever effects it might have. For example, the drink called Long Reach of Night sees its consumer being overwhelmed by the sweet taste of plum, before staring up at the ceiling to realise it has vanished to display a scene of the night sky, filled with infinite stars. Another drink included in the book is called Birdsong, a drink found within a green glass bottle that’s given by a tired-looking seagull that gifts the drinker with a song of flight.

Many of the drink descriptions hint at an effect or outcome, rather than outright listing what the consequences of consuming them are – thereby enabling the GM or player to devise their own scenario from the suggestions found within the book. Besides the words themselves, Libation also features illustrations of the various containers and liquids by contributing artists Syd Mills, Erika Nose, Nick, Spencer Owen, Megan Wyreweden, Emily L’Orange, Maïwenn Kasprzyk, Merlin, Franzilla, Zachary Mendenhall and Adriana Cazador.

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The writers behind the Libations supplement include Paladin – a TRPG designer who has previously created a tabletop RPG interview book called Polyhedral - and Kiersten Bell, an author who worked with Paladin on a supplement for D&D 5E called Incantations.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Libations is live until July 14th, with a pledge of $60 (£49) will get backers a physical copy of the supplement book in June 2023. Alternatively, a digital PDF version of the book is available for a pledge of $30 (£25).

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