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Play D&D and colour-in at the same time with RPG Skyrealms

The crayon is mightier than the sword.

Embark on adventures in Dungeons & Dragons and an artistic project with Skyrealms, an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game setting featuring colouring-in.

Skyrealms is a tabletop RPG setting designed to be used with a variety of different TRPG gameplay systems including D&D 5E, Old School Essentials and Troika.

The setting revolves around a trio of floating islands that are obscured from the rest of the world via a thick veil of mist. Dwelling on the three islands are a number of strange and wonderful creatures, slumbering and waiting to be woken up by anyone who dares venture into their homes. Situated on the threshold between the land of the mortals and the realm of the gods above, the Skyrealms are a place of mystery and adventure that’s prime for a visitation from a group of characters willing to brave its dangers.

An image of the Furlings page from the Skyrealms RPG.

Skyrealms is a fantasy TRPG setting that’s contained within a book featuring tables and lore for game masters and players to use when playing or organising. The lore is intended to be flexible enough to fit in with a wide variety of different gameplay systems, with 32 pages filled with information about the world and characters of Skyrealms. Alongside a map and encounter table, Skyrealms features a collection of artwork that players and GMs can colour-in whilst playing the RPG. The Skyrealms book contains a large collection of artwork that’s entirely designed to be coloured in, providing a nice distraction during breaks or potentially long stretches of combat.

Alongside the main book, Skyrealms comes with two quick adventure starter cards for the players to begin their campaigns or shape their one-shot sessions around. The TRPG setting also comes with a Bestiary giving an overview of the strange and dangerous creatures that call the floating islands their home. On top of all this is an adventure pamphlet, an almanac containing tables for random events, encounters, locations and weather conditions, as well as a solo game for exploring and drawing.

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Skyrealms was created by Iko – the creator of a supplement for Troika called Broken Luck and the host of The Lost Bay Podcast – with artwork by Evlyn Moreau and Bordercholly, editing by Sam Leigh and adventure design by Emiel Boven, with the solo card game being designed by Armanda Haller.

The Kickstarter campaign for Skyrealms is set to be launched on June 7th and will run until July 5th.

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