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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books inspired this gothic horror solo RPG

Alone and afraid.

A new tabletop roleplaying game inspired by Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books allows players to experience an RPG alone.

The Wolves of Langston is an upcoming tabletop RPG that takes place in a small town that’s being terrorised by a strange beast. Set in the unfortunate town of Langston, the roleplaying game has players creating and playing their character alone – without the need for a games master or any other players. During the game, players will steer their character along through Langston on the hunt for clues to solve the mystery of whatever is killing the town’s inhabitants, hopefully saving some of them along the way.

Built on gameplay systems such as those found in tabletop titles like fantasy RPGs Dungeons & Dragons 5E and Pathfinder 2E, Wolves of Langston enables to create their own characters with various skills and abilities that they can use to overcome challenges. Player characters will also have access to a selection of spells, magic items and equipment, depending on their chosen class and what they find during their adventures. Using their acquired arsenal, player characters will need to face down a rogue’s gallery of monsters and villains who threaten the town of Langston and its people.

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Rather than have players relay their choices to a GM, like in many other tabletop roleplaying games, The Wolves of Langston is a solo RPG where a GM is not required. Taking inspiration from the likes of the beloved Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series of books and the Fighting Fantasy franchise, Wolves of Langston sees players choosing from a selection of potential actions that their character can take in response to various events. Players may want to take a particular action depending on what stats it involves, as they will need to roll in order to successfully pass checks and perform their desired action.

Should their character ever fail an action, they can decide to move on or see where the other potential path might have led them, with Wolves of Langston offering a flexible narrative for players to explore on their own. As players progress through the game, they’ll acquire new gear for their character to equip, as well as experience points that they can spend to improve aspects of their build.

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The Wolves of Langston was created and is set to be released by Obvious Mimic, a company that was co-founded and is run by Daniel and Kai.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Wolves of Langston is live until November 16th, with a pledge of €19 (£17/$19) getting backers a physical copy of the RPG book in February. Alternatively, a digital PDF version of the book can be accessed for a pledge of €9 (£8/$9).

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