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Flesh and Blood TCG’s upcoming Outsiders booster set promises to fight dirty

Missing a knife? Check your back.

Promotional art for Flesh and Blood: Outsiders TCG expansion
Image credit: Legend Story Studios

Sharpen your daggers and secure your valuables, Flesh and Blood players, because the trendy underdog trading card game has announced a new booster set. Outsiders brings its standalone draft format and pugilistic mindset to the table on March 24th, 2023.

Publisher Legend Story Studios detailed the upcoming expansion in a press release on December 4th, stating that Flesh and Blood’s ninth expansion will introduce a new drafting mechanic and explore the seedy, cutthroat underbelly of society known as The Pits.

Creator James White wants to take fans “back to good old fashioned all-melee combat”, a design archetype not seen since Welcome to Rathe in 2019. Many fan-favourite heroes will crop up amongst the boosters alongside new faces, and the rest of the cards will contain welcome pieces for all of the popular play formats.

Flesh and Blood was only one of several big winners at the first ever Tabletop Awards held in Philadelphia during PAXU 2022.Watch on YouTube

Outsiders releases on March 24th, 2023 and will be preceded by a pre-release event from March 17th through the 20th. Flesh and Blood plans to begin sponsoring Monday tournaments at local game stores as an expansion to their existing spate of organised play. A more complete product announcement is currently planned for January 10th.

Speaking of organised play, Outsiders will mark the beginning of Skirmish’s 6th season - the play program in US, UK and Asia-Pacific regions allows players to take part in sealed and constructed events across a range of skill levels.

Veteran players and those seeking glory can look forward to the Road to Nationals, which begins soon after Outsiders drops and will eventually lead to Pro Tour 3 in the US. More information on Flesh and Blood’s competitive structure can be found on its official website.

Flesh and Blood: Everfest recently won the Best Ongoing Card Game at the inaugural Tabletop Awards held at PAX Unplugged 2022. The carnival-themed set expanded constructed play for all heroes and introduced the now signature paper wrappers, which cut down on the TCG’s environmental impact. Read more about the Tabletop Award winners and Dicebreaker’s PAX Unplugged 2022 coverage here.

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