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Sorcerer expansion Endbringer smashes Kickstarter target, introduces co-op play

New sorcerer packs also on offer.

A new expansion is coming to fantasy card game Sorcerer after passing its funding target in just one hour on Kickstarter. The expansion, called Endbringer, expands the roster of cards available in the base game but also introduces a cooperative game mode for one to three players.

Sorcerer is a game that pits two to four players against one another in a fantastical reimagining of Victorian London. Players take on the role of sorcerers, battling for supremacy and dominion over the mortal realm. At the start of each game, players combine character cards, lineage cards and dominion cards in order to create their sorcerer. From there, these newly created sorcerers battle to control three separate battlefields, conjuring minions and magical items in order to get the job done.

In Endbringer, however, players will be able to put their differences aside and team up. Sorcerers will combine forces to take on a demigod known as a Maneater, who will make them work hard and, possibly, even spend hard) in order to prevail. Just as players combine decks to create a sorcerer, each Maneater will be assembled before play starts by combining a Nemesis, Aspect and Scenario - an enemy, army and objective, in other words.

There are four Maneaters to contend with in Endbringer, with four different Horde decks ensuring variety among the enemies facing off against the players.

In addition to the upcoming expansion, the Endbringer kickstarter also offers six new card packs in order to expand the sorcerer building options from the base game. There are two character packs, two lineage packs and two domain packs on offer - the characters are smirking gunslinger Seth and rakish vampire Sigismund.

Sorcerer is the creation of Peter Scholtz, Robert Dougherty,and Darwin Kastle. Dougherty and Kastle are perhaps best known for designing Star Realms, the futuristic card game, and a particular favourite of Dicebreaker’s own Alex Lolies.

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Endbringer’s Kickstarter campaign concludes on the 24th of July 2020. A pledge of $75 (about £60) will furnish existing Sorcerer players with Endbringer, its stretch goals and the six new card packs. An all-in tier includes all existing Sorcerer game components

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