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Jackbox’s newest competitor is the Big Screen Games pack from Big Potato Games

Scrawl-down on your laptop.

Play party board games on the TV screen with the newest Jackbox Games competitor, Big Screen Games.

Created by tabletop publishing company Big Potato Games, Big Screen Games is a collection of digital versions of party board games that players can access online. In a similar fashion to the popular Jackbox Party Game series, Big Screen Games sees players using their mobile devices to play various digital games with one another. The host will be able to launch Big Screen Games on their laptop/PC/smart TV, providing their fellow players with a room key that they can use to join the games from the Big Screen Games website.

Featured in the Big Screen Games collection are digital versions of three board games previously released by Big Potato including Can of Squirms, Herd Mentality and Scrawl.

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Can of Squirms has two players deciding which one of them best fits as answers to various uncomfortable questions, whilst the others make bets on who picks who. Herd Mentality has people answering questions with the goal of providing the same response as everyone else in the group and not being the odd one out. Scrawl is a drawing game that has players scribbling down their best depiction of a phrase, before passing that onto another player, who must guess what they think it is and pass that on, until all players get their original boards back and points are given to the most accurate guesses.

Besides Big Screen Games, Big Potato Games is otherwise known for publishing the social deduction game Chameleon - which has all players except for one reading a secret word, which then all players must allude to by saying phrases related to that word in an attempt to discover the identity of the chameleon player - as well as Don’t Get Got, a game about completing secret objectives, and the movie trivia board game Blockbuster.

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Jackbox Games is a series of video games that contain packs of party games that players can experience through their mobile devices. Players can enter a room code into a specific website in order to join an online game, using their mobile devices to enter in responses, draw and interact in other ways. Some of the titles featured in the Jackbox Games series include Fibbage - a game that’s all about lying - Drawful and TKO.

Big Screen Games is available right now from the Big Potato Games website for £15 ($20), with buyers able to host the games and share room codes with their fellow players.

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