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Brandon Sanderson deckbuilding game in the works at Stormlight Archive RPG studio

Planned for release in 2024 alongside tabletop RPG and author's next book.

Image credit: Brotherwise Games

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson will continue his expansion into the world of tabletop gaming with an upcoming deckbuilding game, Dicebreaker can reveal.

The deckbuilding game is being developed by Brotherwise Games, the publisher responsible for adapting Sanderson’s popular Stormlight Archive series - spanning four books starting with The Way of Kings, with six more planned - into board game Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, a line of miniatures and an upcoming tabletop RPG, due for release in 2024.

Brotherwise co-founder and president Johnny O’Neal told Dicebreaker at this year’s Gen Con convention in Indianapolis that the deckbuilding game based on Sanderson’s work would be created by a “well-known designer”, but shied away from confirming the designer or whether the game would be based on Stormlight Archive.

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Sanderson’s other best-known novels include the Mistborn series, which shares its fantasy setting of Cosmere with Stormlight Archive. Last spring, Sanderson crowdfunded four “secret” novels, three of which will also be set in Cosmere, on Kickstarter, raising a record $41.7 million.

The Brandon Sanderson deckbuilding game is expected to release in 2024, joining the planned launch of Brotherwise’s Stormlight Archive RPG. The Stormlight RPG will be built on an original gameplay system created by former Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight Games designers, along with other notable designers such as Jiangshi co-creator Sen-Foong Lim.

The two games will accompany the planned release of Knights of Wind and Truth, Sanderson’s fifth instalment in the Stormlight Archive series, which is expected to be out in November 2024.

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