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This candle smells like the inside of a freshly opened board game

Stinks of ink.

A candle that smells like the inside of a newly opened board game is on its way.

The New Board Game Smell Candle scent looks to attempt to replicate all the odors that are associated with the inside of a freshly unwrapped tabletop title. In the description for the candle, the scents that people can expect to smell when lighting the candle include cardboard, paper and ink. With an approximate burn time of 50 to 60 hours, the New Board Game Smell Candle will reportedly evoke “the nostalgia of a childhood long since passed,” through the smells of “cardboard [and] freshly dried ink.”

Through a collaboration with the fragrance studio Joya – which has previously produced promotional candles for companies such as A24, the studio behind the 2018 film Hereditary – publisher CMYK created the New Board Game Smell Candle because the company “wanted to”.

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CMYK is a publisher that’s best known for releasing titles such as the party board game Monikers, which sees players attempting to get their teammates to guess contemporary concepts despite increasingly difficult rules that forbid specific phrases, reduce the word count and eventually remove speaking altogether in favour of miming.

Another notable board game published by CMYK is Daybreak, a co-op board game co-created by Pandemic designer Matt Leacock and Matteo Menapace, who has also previously worked on cooperative games. Inspired by the real-life science behind combating climate change and the measures that need to be taken to slow down its impact, Daybreaker sees players working together as representatives as key world powers.

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As each of the world powers, players will be collaborating in order to reduce the impact climate change has on their people, as well as making efforts to manage their respective carbon footprints. Players will be working together in the upcoming game to remove the polluting industries from their nations, before the temperature of the planet rises too much or the effects of climate change prove to be too detrimental to their people.

The crowdfunding campaign for Daybreak was successfully crowdfunded in September, with the campaign eventually collecting a total of $450,015 (£372,499).

The New Board Game Smell Candle is available now for $40 (£33) from the CMYK store and is expected to ship in time for the holidays.

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