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Tales from the Loop publisher joins D&D and Pathfinder with own online platform

Demiplane continues to dominate.

The studio responsible for roleplaying games such as Tales from the Loop, Free League Publishing, is getting its own online platform.

Called Free League Nexus, the online platform will contain digital toolsets designed to be used alongside roleplaying games published by the studio. Similarly to D&D Beyond, which provides dungeon masters and players with online tools for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Free League Nexus will include features intended to enable players and games masters to plan their sessions, create characters and view rules for each RPG.

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The Free League Nexus will include a digital reader - to allow players to view content created for the various roleplaying games released by Free League Publishing - as well as a compendium of rules for each game and an “online playspace'' that will help players to find other people to play certain roleplaying games with or games masters to find a interested party. Players will also be able to create their characters using the Free League Nexus online character builder, before using an interactive version of the character sheet during each session.

Free League Publishing joins both Paizo Inc - the studio behind fantasy roleplaying game Pathfinder: Second Edition - and Vampire: The Masquerade universe The World of Darkness in forming a partnership with Demiplane, a company that has already created an online platform that’s designed to be used with any TRPG system players and games masters want to use, also called Demiplane.

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Free League Publishing is responsible for releasing the Alien RPG - a horror tabletop RPG based on the world of the science-fiction film series - alongside Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying, Mutant: Year Zero and the sci-fi roleplaying game Coriolis - The Third Horizon, all of which Free League Nexus is set to provide support for when it releases in 2022. Other titles that the studio publishes - such as the aforementioned Tales from the Loop and the death metal inspired RPG Mörk Borg - are yet to be confirmed for the platform.

Free League Nexus will initially release in an early access phase, with feedback being used to shape the online platform thereafter.

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