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Tales From the Loop, Alien RPG publisher will donate half of all web sales as Ukrainian relief aid

Digital do-goodery.

Alien: The Roleplaying Game RPG ship
Image credit: Martin Grip/Free League Publishing

Free League, the Swedish publisher responsible for Tales from the Loop, Mutant: Year Zero and the official Alien RPG will be donating 50% of all sales from its website to the International Red Cross as humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

The charity sale runs from March 18th through March 21st, and all items currently listed on the company’s digital store are eligible for counting. This obviously includes the several tabletop RPGs that Free League manages - from the brutal dungeon delve-meets-death obsessed Mörk Borg to Vaesen’s world of dark and dangerous mythical beasts - but also the dice, maps, and other play accessories on offer. The recently released Tales from the Loop: The Board Game and artbooks from acclaimed illustrator Simon Stålenhag will also add to the weekend event’s tally.

“Like so many others across Europe and the world, we have been horrified by the events of the past few weeks and we deplore the humanitarian disaster unfolding as a result of the invasion of Ukraine,” said CEO and co-founder Tomas Härenstam in a press release. “We at Free League feel that we need to do something together with our fans to help, and we urge everyone in our community do the same.”

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Free League is the latest in a growing number of companies and community efforts within the tabletop industry to support the people of Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s military invasion of the sovereign nation, often through charity funds, game bundles and special auctions. Most recently, digital storefront DriveThruRPG launched a 30-title bundle to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, which offers medical aid to those affected by war and large-scale military conflict.

The International Red Cross in the Ukraine will use the donated funds to continue providing safe water, food and shelter to people displaced by the Russian invasion and those attempting to flee the country. The organisation also supplies regional hospitals and healthcare networks, repair damaged water supplies and homes and help reconnect families separated by the conflict.

More information about the International Red Cross can be found on their website, and Free League’s webstore is easily accessed online. All purchases made through March 21st will apply to the company’s donation total.

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