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Roll vs Evil charity event invites players to raise money for Ukrainian victims

Gaming for a good cause.

Modiphius, a tabletop gaming studio, is launching a new charity event to raise money for victims of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Roll vs Evil is a non-for-profit charity set up by Modiphius co-founders Chris and Rita Birch, that is encouraging fans of tabletop gaming to donate towards helping support those suffering from the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. As part of a charity campaign, Roll vs Evil is set to host a series of events intended to encourage audiences to donate. The first of these events will be a charity stream taking place on March 25th with Anthony Joyce-Rivera, a freelance writer for fantasy roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons and a co-host of a podcast about the video game Everquest, will be running a two-hour long session of a D&D adventure called The Monster of Wonderia.

As part of the Roll vs Evil campaign, audiences are being asked to play a board game, tabletop roleplaying game, trading card game or miniatures game either during Saturday’s event, or any other time in the campaign, and donating however much they’d like whilst they’re playing. Modiphius suggests that players devise rules for donating, such as giving money to enable a free re-roll or to draw another card. Supernova Capital & Partners is set to match donations of up to £100, 000 ($130,000) over the weekend.

All donations to Roll vs Evil will be put towards funding a group that is currently aiding vulnerable people – such as disabled, LGBTQ+ and elderly citizens – as well as their pets, to evacuate out of the areas of Ukraine being targeted by Russian military and bombing, alongside supporting hospitals based in Lviv and Kyiv, providing equipment and internet connections for hostels in Poland giving refugees shelter, giving money to A21’s charity campaigns to fight human trafficking taking place along the Ukrainian border, sourcing essential supplies to displaced people in Ukraine and supporting the organisation, ICANHELP.HOST, which helps refugees to find shelter with people able to host them.

Modiphius is a publisher that has released several notable tabletop roleplaying games such as sci-fi RPGs Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and Star Trek Adventures, alongside the Dishonored RPG and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game.

A code for the online RPG platform Roll20 that unlocks some bonus content for users has been provided by Roll vs Evil to enable players to experience tabletop RPGs, even if they’re not able to be in the same room. The code can be used up until April 26th, with publishers set to offer more unlockable content in the near future.

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