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Deep Sea Adventure and A Fake Artist Goes to New York are now on Nintendo Switch

Oink on the go.

Digital versions of Deep Sea Adventure and A Fake Artist Goes to New York are now available to play on the Nintendo Switch console.

Included in the Let’s Play! Oink Games library, a collection of digital board games based on the tabletop originals published by the aforementioned Oink Games, the video game versions of Deep Sea Adventure and A Fake Artist Goes to New York were released on the Nintendo Switch online store earlier this week.

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Featuring both online and offline modes - meaning that players can challenge each other in the same room or from across the world - that support up to eight players, the Let’s Play! Oink Games library was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign that took place during June this year, eventually crowdfunding ¥6,523,297 (£43,000/$57,000). Besides the multiplayer modes included in the Let’s Play! Oink Games library - which also contains digital versions of Statups, a game about running a company, and the co-op game Moon Adventure - there are also single-player modes that pit players against an AI opponent.

The original Deep Sea Adventure is a board game that has players competing against each other as divers attempting to gather as much treasure as possible. During their turn, players can choose whether to continue diving deeper or whether they want to turn back. In order to dive further, players need to reduce their oxygen total and roll a die, moving that many spaces. Spaces can contain chips that include various point totals, with players needing to return to their submarine before their oxygen runs out in order to score their points. The player with the most points is the winner of the game.

A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Let's Play! Oink Games screenshot

A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a social deduction board game that has players taking turns to collectively draw an image that accurately represents a phrase or word. Before the beginning of a round, all players except one, the fake artist, learn a secret phrase, with the players who know needing to be careful not to clue in the person who doesn’t. Players then add their own line to the collaborative picture, before passing it along. The fake artist wins points if they’re not caught, whilst the other players win if they successfully identify the fake artist.

Let’s Play! Oink Games is available now for $21.99 (£16.50) from the Nintendo Switch eshop, with more digital board games set to be added into the collection in the future.

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