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Lord of the Rings board game teased by co-designers and publisher of 7 Wonders: Duel

It could be your next Precious.

Artwork for teased Lord of the Rings game from Repos Production.
Image credit: Repos Production, Asmodee France

A new board game based on The Lord of the Rings series has been teased by the co-designers and publisher of 7 Wonders: Duel.

In a post made via the official Facebook account for the French arm of Asmodee - a tabletop gaming giant that owns several publishers like Fantasy Flight Games - an upcoming board game inspired by The Lord of the Rings franchise has been teased.

The teaser features an image of some artwork showing the character of Smeagol/Gollum holding something glowing in his hand, whilst crouching in a dark cave - possibly the cave visited by Bilbo Baggins during his journey to The Lonely Mountain in JRR Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit. The artist responsible for creating the teaser artwork has yet to be confirmed, with Asmodee France stating that it would be revealing the identity of the artist soon.

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Beside the artwork, it has also been revealed that the publisher behind the new Lord of the Rings board game will be Repos Production, a company that has previously released titles such as 7 Wonders - a game in which players build their own ancient historical empires - the party board game Just One and the word guessing title Concept.

The teaser also confirmed that the designers behind the upcoming game are Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala, two designers who have previously worked together on the two-player version of 7 Wonders - called 7 Wonders: Duel.

Separately, Bauza is best known for creating the original 7 Wonders, as well as the co-op game Hanabi and the adorable family board game about growing bamboo to feed pandas called Takenoko. Whilst Cathala has previously created the likes of the quick tile-laying board game Kingdomino - as well as its various spin-off titles such as Queendomino - alongside other titles like Shadows over Camelot and Cyclades.

The name of this new Lord of the Rings board game is yet to be unveiled, with a release date also yet to be confirmed.

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