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Roll20’s userbase has doubled since 2020, more than 10 million people join online RPG platform

New updates set to roll out.

Roll20, the online roleplaying game platform, has doubled its userbase since March 2020.

In an email from the company’s PR team, it was confirmed that the number of users on Roll20 has doubled in almost two years, going from five million users to more than 10 million. The PR representative labelled the increase in users as a “pandemic-fueled growth,” mirroring the success experienced by Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast, which reported record sales during 2020. With the various pandemic lockdowns forcing people to remain indoors, tabletop roleplaying games has since become a popular pastime, with platforms like Roll20 enabling players to experience their various one-shot adventures and campaigns online.

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Alongside the announcement of its current userbase numbers, Roll20 has confirmed that the company has a new CEO, Ankit Lal, who reportedly “brings years of experience” to Roll20, having previously worked at tech companies such as Google. Several new updates for the platform are also on their way, with game masters getting their own microsite within Roll20, which will collect all the resources and tools they need to run their roleplaying games. Other upcoming updates include reworks of the UI, new features for GMs, improvements to website performance and the refinement of the recently released Roll20 mobile app. The company is working on bringing in support for new games, as well as artwork, into the platform’s marketplace.

Roll20 is an online platform designed to enable RPG players and GMs to experience tabletop roleplaying games, regardless of their location. Using Roll20, GMs can access rulebooks and resources for games such as the fantasy RPG Dungeons & Dragons 5E, horror tabletop roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu and the science fiction TRPG Cyberpunk Red. As well as rulebooks, GMs can gain access to maps, enemy stats and equipment, all of which they can implement into a virtual roleplaying space that everyone in the game can view and interact with.

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With Roll20, players can create digital character sheets that they can then use in its virtual roleplaying space in order to have their character perform actions, to roll for skill checks and to navigate and interact with maps. Roll20 also supports voice chat, video chat and text chat, thereby enabling players and GMs to play their entire game within the online platform.

Roll20 is yet to confirm when its upcoming updates with be implemented, with a rough estimate of some time this year.

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