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Watch Dicebreaker play Call of Cthulhu, party games and Pokémonikers at EGX this weekend!

When and where you can catch the team during the London show.

EGX returns to London’s ExCeL this weekend from Thursday September 22nd to Sunday 25th - and you’ll be able to catch team Dicebreaker on-stage throughout the massive video game convention!

That’s right: the Dicebreaker crew are back with an EGX schedule packed full of fun and games. Literally. Because we’re a board game website. And we’re very fun people.

ANYWAY, you’ll be able to catch Wheels, Liv, Meehan, Matt and friends on the EGX Live stage during the entire show, as we’re joined by some very special guests to play party games, a tabletop RPG classic and even some of tabletop games’ lesser cousins, something called “video games”. That’ll never catch on.

Things will kick off on Thursday at 3.45pm as Liv and Wheels join Zoe and Ian from team Eurogamer in a game of Ultimate Chicken Horse. (See Eurogamer's full schedule for EGX here!) Then at 1.45pm on Friday, Wheels will face not only Eurogamer but you, the audience, in competitive Speedrunners - for prizes!

At 4pm on Friday, Matt, Liv and Wheels will be joined by special guest GM Mike Mason, creative director for Call of Cthulhu, for a one-of-a-kind live actual play of the legendary horror RPG! Mike will guide the team through their investigation into the Conspiracy of Ravens, uncovering all manner of cosmic nightmare and mystery - plus probably a high chance of an unfortunate demise - along the way.

Watch Dicebreaker, Eurogamer and Outside Xbox play Monikers at EGX 2021Watch on YouTube

Saturday afternoon sees us turn the tables on Eurogamer, as board games come to the digital world with Mario Party! At 1.30pm we’ll be rolling our way through the mix of nonsense minigames and board games. Hopefully we’ll finish sometime before the sun sets.

After that, on Saturday at 2.45pm, it’s time for Eurogamer to join Dicebreaker as we crack open some of our favourite party games for a wild and hilarious party game extravaganza! If you’ve experienced the chaos of us playing Monikers, Cash ‘n’ Guns, Rhino Hero or anything else at EGX in the past, you’ll know it’ll be a lot of fun.

We’ll be closing out EGX London with a bang, as star Pokémon YouTubers Bird Keeper Toby and Ace Trainer Liam join the team at 5pm on Sunday for a game of Pokémonikers!

Never heard of Pokémonikers? That’s fine - we’ve made it up! We’ve taken the rules of party game favourite Monikers - in which players must describe, act charades and use a single word to give clues - and mixed them with a deck of Pokémon cards. Imagine trying to act out a Sudowoodo or describe Pikachu without saying “Pikachu” and you’ll know how ridiculous this is going to get.

You can see Dicebreaker’s full schedule for EGX London 2022 below and grab tickets here - see you at the show! If you can’t make it to London, no need to miss out, either - we’ll be streaming all of the panels and posting the videos to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel afterwards.

Thursday 3.45pm, EGX Live stage

Ultimate Chicken Horse with Eurogamer!

Dicebreaker and Eurogamer collide in a reheating of the BEEF! Both teams will be constructing platformer levels of ever-increasing difficulty in a bid to declare themselves as the ultimate jumpers. It's a race to the finish to grab some points - just don't get turned into mulch by a giant spinning sawblade.

Friday 1.45pm, EGX Live stage

Speedrunners with Eurogamer!

Wheels flies the navy and pink as the sole Dicebreaker representative on Eurogamer's Speedrunners live Let's Play. That doesn't mean he'll be the only non-Eurogamer member in the running, though! That's right: you in the audience will be able to try your luck against these prestigious competitors for a chance to win some Eurogamer SWAG!

Friday 4pm, EGX Live stage

Call of Cthulhu RPG Live! (feat. guest GM Mike Mason)

The Dicebreaker team are joined by Call of Cthulhu creative director Mike Mason as guest GM for a very special live actual play of the legendary horror RPG! An unusual request for help arrives, leading our brave investigators into a magical evening of terrors. Will the team uncover the Conspiracy of Ravens? Will they even make it out alive?! Join us to find out!

Saturday 1.30pm, EGX Live stage

Mario Party with Eurogamer!

Finally, a board game! Even if it is a digital one. Join both EG and DB for hilarious, slapstick mini-games in couch co-op favourite Mario Party. With dice rolling, petty rivalries and general tomfoolery on the cards, we're sure to feel right at home.

Saturday 2.45pm, EGX Live stage

Dicebreaker and Eurogamer play party games!

It’s team Dicebreaker versus team Eurogamer in a party game throwdown! We crack out some of our favourite group games and test the teams’ skills in the ultimate and absolutely legit battle to decide what’s better: board games or video games?

Sunday 5pm, EGX Live stage

Pokémonikers with BirdKeeperToby and Ace Trainer Liam!

What do you get if you mix Pokémon with hit party game Monikers? Pokémonikers, of course! Pokétubers BirdKeeperToby and Ace Trainer Liam join the Dicebreaker team in a brand new twist on the popular party game, as we try to describe and act out Pokémon cards! What does a Snom sound like? How would you describe Mimikyu in one word? Can you really mime Mr. Mime? Forget how well we score (please), it’s going to be very silly fun.

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