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Help make EGX even better by filling in this survey


ReedPop, the company that owns Dicebreaker, is looking for your help to make the EGX events the best they can be by filling in this survey.

The survey is about the things you’d like to see more of at future EGX shows - whether that’s tabletop games like board games, RPGs and TCGs (as you’re reading Dicebreaker, we’re willing to bet there’s a good chance!); specific genres of video game, from indie platformers to triple-A action-adventures; or celebrity guests such as star influencers and creators from the world of gaming.

The whole point is to work out exactly what folks like you want to see most at conventions like EGX London and EGX Birmingham - so please spare some time to let the team know what you’re interested in.

The Dicebreaker team play Monikers with Outside Xbox's Andy Farrant and Eurogamer at EGX London 2021Watch on YouTube

EGX London 2022 will take place this September 22nd to 25th, and will include a Tabletop Zone, various developer panels, the curated Leftfield Collection - one of the best places to seek out hidden gaming gems - and plenty more across four days in London’s ExCeL.

Tickets for EGX London are on sale now. If you’re a Virgin Media or O2 customer, you can save an extra 50% off Early Entry tickets through priority booking.

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