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If you’ve got something serious or silly to say about games, Rezzed Digital wants to hear your panel ideas

Submissions close on Monday.

Have you got something to say about games that the whole world should hear? Here’s your chance to shout it loud - panel submissions for this year’s Rezzed Digital are open.

Rezzed Digital is the - no points for guessing - online counterpart to EGX Rezzed, the video games event held each year in London’s Tobacco Dock before all this happened. It’s hosted by ReedPop, the company that owns Dicebreaker, and features panels, talks and other sessions from folks across the games industry. We’re obviously biased, but it’s pretty great.

While Rezzed is predominantly about video games, there’s plenty of space reserved for tabletop titles too.

Watch on YouTube

The Dicebreaker team has made a number of appearances at the show, including our live playthrough of Carly Rae Jepsen tabletop RPG Boy Problems for last year’s Rezzed Digital, which you can catch above if you missed the chaos live.

There’s even an official free tabletop RPG of Rezzed - created by Spire co-designer Grant Howitt and Nate Crowley of our wonderful sibling site Rock Paper Shotgun - that Johnny and Lolies played with Grant and Nate last summer.

Watch on YouTube

Rezzed Digital 2021 will take place from July 15th to 18th. You can catch the whole thing online, or go one step further and submit your own idea for a panel.

Sessions can be as serious, silly or downright surprising as you like, as long as they’re going to be interesting and/or fun for everyone watching - you can find some examples of the best panels from previous years on the Rezzed website, where you can also submit your pitch.

The deadline for submissions is this coming Monday, June 14th. All panels will need to be pre-recorded before the show, meaning you can enjoy the whole show knowing your slot is already in the bag.

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