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Watch us rank everything in Honor Among Thieves and play D&D live at MCM Comic Con London next week!

Catch our actual play series Storybreakers live for the first time.

MCM Comic Con returns to London’s ExCeL next weekend - and Dicebreaker will be returning with it!

You’ll be able to catch the whole Dicebreaker team over the weekend, as we take to MCM’s Centre Stage for the first live episode of our D&D actual play series Storybreakers on Saturday evening, along with a hilarious ranking of absolutely everything we can think of in the new D&D movie Honor Among Thieves on Friday afternoon.

If you’re new to Storybreakers or haven’t quite caught up with the latest episodes on our YouTube channel, don’t worry - our live episode will be a special standalone one-shot so you can jump right in here, wherever in the story you are. We’ll also have some special goodies to give away to those in the audience, thanks to our sponsor Misty Mountain Gaming.

Check out Dicebreaker's D&D series Storybreakers in our Season 1 trailerWatch on YouTube

On Friday afternoon, we’ll be once again looking to slap a grade on anything and everything we can think of. This time, D&D movie Honor Among Thieves is in our sights, as we debate over everything from its D&D-ness to which one of its jokes is funniest. (Spoiler: it’s the bloke that shouts “‘E’S NICKIN’ OUR BITS ‘N’ BOBS!”) If you caught our chaotic D&D monster ranking last year, you’ll know what to expect (if you CAN expect anything, that is!)

You can find all the details below, along with when and where to catch us. And hey, if you spot us just roaming the halls - come and say hi! (And if you’re a tabletop creator, why not come along to our first industry event, the Tabletop Creators Summit, on Friday too?)

Ranking EVERYTHING in the D&D: Honor Among Thieves movie!

Friday May 26th, 12.30pm-1.30pm, Centre Stage

The new Dungeons & Dragons movie is out, so it’s time to dig into what we loved - and what we didn’t - about its latest big-screen offering! Team Dicebreaker is here to break down absolutely everything and give it a definitive, totally inarguable grade from S to F, live on stage. Does Honor Among Thieves do justice to D&D’s iconic monsters? Would Chris Pine’s party of heroes really survive a classic adventure on the tabletop? And who has the best D&D drip? Join us to agree and argue with our ratings!

Dicebreaker Presents: Storybreakers LIVE! D&D 5E actual play mystery (Sponsored by Misty Mountain Gaming)

Saturday May 27th, 5.40pm-7pm, Centre Stage

Join team Dicebreaker for a special live episode of our D&D 5E series, Storybreakers! In this special standalone adventure, our party of fantasy journalists will embark on a brand new mystery in the world of Runfae. If you’re a regular watcher, expect some new backstory and character reveals! If you’re new, this is the perfect place to jump into the characters and world of our ongoing actual play series! Either way, you’ll be in store for plenty of drama, hijinks and dice rolls, good and bad…

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