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Don’t miss your chance to win $130 worth of premium RPG dice by watching us play D&D live at MCM Comic Con London!

We’ve got $800 worth of accessories to give away thanks to Misty Mountain Gaming.

Image credit: Misty Mountain Gaming

Dicebreaker returns to MCM Comic Con London this weekend - and as well as serving up some on-stage antics as we rank everything in the D&D movie and embark on our first live Storybreakers adventure, we’ll have some goodies to give away! A lot of ‘em, in fact!

Head on over to the Centre Stage at 5.40pm on Saturday May 26th to chat our first-ever live episode of Storybreakers, our ongoing D&D 5E series about fantasy journalists! (If you’ve not watched Storybreakers before or are yet to catch up with the first season, don’t worry - this will be a standalone, spoiler-free adventure!)

Our on-stage Storybreakers debut is sponsored by premium accessories maker Misty Mountain Gaming, who have kindly provided us with $800 worth of dice and other accessories to give away to you lovely lot during the panel.

Watch the trailer for Storybreakers, our D&D 5E actual play seriesWatch on YouTube

Among the goodies up for grabs will be three pirate gift bags, worth $130 each, as well as stone, hollow and metal dice sets. We’ll also have some gift bags, each containing two acrylic sets, to hand out!

Before Storybreakers on Saturday evening, you can join the Dicebreaker team as they rank everything in Dungeons & Dragons movie Honor Among Thieves on the Centre Stage from 12.30pm on Friday. From Themberchaud’s rolly-pollies in the Underdark to Hugh Grant’s face vomiting treasure, we’ll be giving absolutely everything we can think of a definitive, inarguable grade.

So come along this weekend and join the team for some fun, thrills and freebies!

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