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MCM London Comic Con sees the return of Dicebreaker live on stage

From Doug Cockle to D&D monsters.

MCM London Comic Con is this weekend and Dicebreaker is going to be there!

Organised by Dicebreaker parent group – Reedpop – MCM London Comic Con is a pop culture convention taking place from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of May 2022 at the ExCel Centre, which you can get to via the DLR and Elizabeth train lines to the Custom House for ExCel DLR Station. The event will feature a variety of exhibitors – from video game companies to independent artists – and panels taking place throughout the event, including several hosted by Dicebreaker.

Over the course of the coming weekend, Dicebreaker will be hosting four separate panels themed around tabletop gaming and featuring several special guests.

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Wheels runs through the best party board games on the market.

Friday 27th May 2-3pm: My Hero Academia stars + Dicebreaker pitch their own ANIME SHOWS to YOU!

On Friday 27th at 2pm on the Main Stage, Dicebreaker will be hosting several stars from the beloved anime series My Hero Academia as they attempt to pitch their own anime show ideas to the audience. The panel will feature the voices of Deku, Bakugo, Jirō and Tatami – Justin Briner, Clifford Chapin, Trina Nishamura and Kristen McGuire respectively - from My Hero Academia as they play Channel A, a party board game in which players are presented with a series of requirements that they must include in an anime pitch to the other players and the audience. The Dicebreaker team will be playing along with the cast – some of whom are more well-versed in anime than others – and might just come up with the next Sailor Moon or Attack on Titan. You’ll have to watch to find out!

Friday 27th May 3.30-5pm: The Ultimate Ranking of D&D MONSTERS! | A Dicebreaker Podcast LIVE Special

Later on in the afternoon of Friday 27th, at 3:30pm on the Centre Stage, Dicebreaker will be hosting an ultimate ranking of classic monsters from across the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Part of the Dicebreaker Podcast Live, this extremely scientific on-stage ranking will see some of the most iconic creatures from the D&D world being pitted against each other, with both the Dicebreaker team and the audience helping to decide – once and for all – which is the ultimate Dungeons & Dragons monster.

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Wheels runs through some of the best hidden role board games available.

Saturday 28th May 1:30-2:30pm: TomSka, ashens and Dicebreaker hunt a TRAITOR in The Resistance

On Saturday 28th at 1:30pm on the Centre Stage, YouTube creators and comedians TomSka - known for the asdfmovie series - and Ashens, products from pound-stores, will be joining Dicebreaker to play the social deduction game The Resistance. A board game in which the ‘good’ operatives must unearth the hidden traitors in their midst, The Resistance will have the Dicebreaker team, TomSka and Ashens at each other's throats as they attempt to determine who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Saturday 28th May 2:40-3:40pm: GERALT OF TRIVIA! An RPG quiz adventure with THE WITCHER star Doug Cockle + Dicebreaker

Finally, the Centre Stage on Saturday 28th at 2:40pm will see Dicebreaker hosting the RPG quiz adventure, Geralt of Trivia, with the actor behind the voice of Geralt himself – Doug Cockle. Doug and Dicebreaker will be embarking on an epic quest as Geralt attempts to live his ordinary Witcher life while at the mercy of an improv roleplaying adventure. The audience will be tasked with answering various trivia questions about The Witcher, with each correct answer seeing Geralt successfully completing his tasks and every wrong one resulting in one very unhappy monster slayer. Join Dicebreaker and Doug Cockle in the ultimate Witcher saga with Geralt of Trivia.

So come down to the ExCel Centre for MCM London Comic Con this weekend and catch all the usual Dicebreaker tabletop gaming action and general!

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