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Travel board game from Ticket to Ride creator redesigned with fresh art

Play 10 Days in 30 minutes.

The front cover of 10 Days in the USA (2024)
Image credit: The Op

An older board game from the creator of Ticket to Ride, Alan R Moon, is receiving a splash of paint in a new version.

Originally released in 2003, 10 Days in the USA is a board game that has players travelling across a large part of the North American continent by any means necessary. The first instalment in a series of board games about traipsing across the world, the original 10 Days in the USA features an art style that’s reminiscent of the era in which it was initially released in. The new version of 10 Days in the USA features entirely fresh artwork, as well as a new design based on the initial release.

In 10 Days in the USA, two to four players compete to make their way across the country, utilising different forms of transport: including aeroplanes, cars and by foot. Players must first plan their trip through the US, selecting various destinations and the means with which to reach those places. The upcoming board game will feature 50 state tiles - each one representing a different state within the USA - with players being challenged to create a route through the various states to a destination.

A layout image of 10 Days in the USA (2024)
Image credit: The Op

In a similar fashion to Ticket to Ride, 10 Days in the USA will see players making connections between locations across a map, with the goal of creating and executing a good route across the country. Players can travel between bordering states by foot, from one state to another - as long as they border the same shared state - via car and between two states of matching colours with aeroplanes.

Throughout the family board game, players can also learn more about the states and regions they visit, with 10 Days in the USA providing a hands-on approach to US geography. Whichever player successfully plans the best route through the country is named the winner.

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10 Days in the USA was co-created by Moon - who is also known for designing push-your-luck game Diamant, previously known as Incan Gold - alongside Aaron Weissblum, who has also created a revised version of Cloud 9 called Celestia. The new version of 10 Days in the USA will be released by The Op, a publisher that is otherwise known for releasing party board game Hues and Cues and last year’s co-op game The A.R.T. Project.

The release date for the new version of 10 Days in the USA is set for Q2 2024.

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