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Roleplay a new adventure every day of the year with the 2022 Quest Calendar

Pencil in perils.

Embark on adventures each day of an entire year using the 2022 Quest Calendar, an upcoming roleplaying game that takes place across 12 real-life months.

A solo RPG experience, the 2022 Quest Calendar is a game that’s intended to be played on a daily basis, with each page on the calendar providing a new encounter for players to tackle. With 626 pages - weekends are combined into a single page - players can flick through to experience a new event in an overarching story, which take around one to three minutes to complete. The events in the 2022 Quest Calendar may involve undertaking a new task, finding exciting equipment loot, meeting new characters and battling potential enemies - with each decision the player makes changing the story’s path.

Players begin their adventure by choosing one of the five available characters, who provide a mixture of classic fantasy species and roles - such as half-demon swashbuckler Azmyra the Reckless. Their character will then journey through each of the calendar’s days, using their skills and abilities to overcome various trials and tribulations.

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At different points in the narrative, players may have to roll dice to succeed at the actions they want their character to perform. The result of this roll can be found at the back of the previous day’s page, with these consequences potentially altering the course of the narrative.

Some of the encounters in the 2022 Quest Calendar will involve the player’s character getting into combat with enemies. When this happens, they will need to roll dice and apply their character’s combat abilities to fight off their attackers. Success can result in the player’s character acquiring the experience they need to level-up - becoming more powerful as a result - and fallen enemies may even drop valuable items. Otherwise, player characters could face dire consequences from losing battles.

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The 2022 Quest Calendar was created by Sundial Games, with the publisher having previously created a Quest Calendar for 2021 funded via a Kickstarter campaign last spring. Sundial is made up of designer Thomas Bedran - creator of the first Quest Calendar - and artists Jay French and Ellen May. Other artists outside of Sundial will be commissioned to create additional artwork for the 2022 Quest Calendar.

The Kickstarter campaign for the 2022 Quest Calendar is live until March 31st, with a pledge of $22 (£16) getting backers a physical copy of the RPG estimated to release in October. Alternatively, backers can pledge $5 (£4) to get a print-and-play version.

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