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A Game of Thrones: B’twixt board game features the deadly politics of King’s Landing

Will you live or die?

Rise to the top of King’s Landing or fall to a blade in the back with A Game of Thrones: B’twixt, an upcoming board game based on the popular series of fantasy novels.

Adapted from George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series - which was also the basis of the Emmy Award winning television series A Game of Thrones - B’twixt focuses on the politics of the city of King’s Landing, the capital of southern Westeros and home to a nest of power-hungry vipers. Playing the game of thrones is a risky business and participants are just as likely to find betrayal as they are success, so players will have to be cunning if they want to come out on top.

The aim of the fantasy game is to have control over the most powerful small council by the end of the game. A player’s councils are made up of the various alliances that they’ve managed to forge within and beyond the walls of King’s Landing, with each player having control over two different councils. The catch here is that players will share councils with their neighbours, with the council on either side of them being shared with the players to their left and right respectively. This means that players will have to think carefully about where they place their power and who they make alliances with in which councils.

A Game of Thrones: B'twixt layout

As various notable characters from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, such as Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targeryn and Jon Snow, players will have to gather power through both their allies and power tokens. Different allies will offer different amounts of power to a council, whilst power tokens can be worth between one and three power - an amount that players will not know about until the end of the game.

Players can acquire allies by bidding on them with influence using the various influence cards they have in their hand. Besides the amount of influence listed on them, influence cards will also have special abilities that can force opponents to do things such as discard cards. As well as allies, players will gain a random power token from winning bids, which they can add to one of their councils. Whichever player has the most powerful small council - meaning the council with the lower power total between the two - is named the winner at the end of the game.

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A Game of Thrones: B’twixt is being published by Fantasy Flight Games, the company behind other board games adapted from the A Song of Ice and Fire series such as A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) - which has players taking control of one of several houses found in the book universe and attempting to seat themselves on the Iron Throne - and the living card game A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.

A Game of Thrones: B’twixt is set to be released November 26th at a retail price of $29.95 (£21).

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