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Root studio’s next board game, Ahoy, has more details revealed

Smuggling and swashbuckling.

Image credit: Leder Games

More details surrounding the next board game from the studio behind Root, Leder Games, have been unveiled.

Ahoy, an upcoming game that was first teased by Leder back in January 2021, sees players becoming leaders of rival seafaring organisations. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) Intended to support from two to four players, Ahoy will see sailors clashing over lands to explore and goods to smuggle, with players having access to different abilities and objectives depending on which side they decide to control. As an asymmetric game, similar to Root, players will have a different experience thanks to each organisation being unique.

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The initial starting board of Ahoy is comprised of a series of tiles arranged in a two by two grid, with each tile depicting various elements such as water, land or other icons that will enable the players landing on them to do different things. In a full four player game, two of the players will be fighting to control the varying areas of terrain depicted on the revealed tiles as The Bluefin Squadron and The Mollusk Union, whilst the other two players will be competing to find and smuggle certain items across the board.

The first two players will be wanting to flip tiles to find the different elements of terrain to control, instigating ship combat with their rival in order to keep ahold of the desired tile. As the other two factions in Ahoy, players will be searching for the items they’ll need to transport to specific parts of the board in order to achieve their objectives. Whichever player manages to fulfil all of their required objectives first is named the winner of the game. In a two-player game of Ahoy, only The Bluefin Squadron and The Mollusk Union are used.

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Ahoy was created by Greg Loring-Albright, the designer behind two-player board game Leviathan – which has players using a deck of cards to fight in naval combat – and a co-designer of the revolutionary themed board game Bloc by Bloc: Uprising. The artwork for Ahoy was created by Kyle Ferrin, the illustrator of the aforementioned Root.

Besides Root and Ahoy, Leder Games is responsible for releasing tabletop titles such as the deckbuilding board game Fort and the upcoming Arcs: Collapse and Conflict in the Void.

Ahoy is set to be released sometime this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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