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Tiny Epic Galaxies’ creator has designed a new entry in the Almanac series

Can you climb the Crystal Peaks?

Head north to sell your wares in colder climes with Almanac: The Crystal Peaks, the next entry in the Almanac series from Scott Almes, the creator of Tiny Epic Galaxies.

Taking place in the far north of the land of Baeloria, The Crystal Peaks continues the story that began with the first game in the adventure series, Almanac: The Dragon Road. A fantasy board game that has players using a book to explore its world, The Crystal Peaks challenges players to navigate their way along the winding roads up the mountains in order to trade with the people who live there.

The Crystal Peaks are a beautiful but dangerous place where players will have to contend with the frigid climate, as well as the creatures that call the land their home. As players progress through the book, they’ll discover new encounters that will involve them using their wits in the worker-placement game to gain the upper hand`over whoever or whatever they might be facing - as well as the other players.

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Apart from designing Almanac: The Crystal Peaks and Tiny Epic Galaxies, Almes is otherwise known for creating other entries in the Tiny Epic series - such as Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Quest - alongside titles like Harbour and Claim. The artwork for The Crystal Peaks was made by Jacqui Davis, the artist behind the original Almanac: The Dragon Road and games such as Viticulture and Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia.

Kolosal Games is the studio responsible for releasing Almanac: The Crystal Peaks - as well as The Dragon Road - and has previously published tabletop titles like Western Legends, a board game about exploring the Wild West, and horror game Terrors of London, amongst others.

Almanac: The Crystal Peaks artwork

Almanac: The Dragon Road, which was funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign in January 2020, sees players travelling across the land of Baeloria by making their way through the game’s book - whose pages contain different scenarios with different rules for them to encounter.

The Kickstarter campaign for Almanac: The Crystal Peaks is live until August 25th, with a pledge of $49 (£36) getting backers a copy of the game that’s estimated to arrive in July 2022.

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