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Among Sus is a free larping version of the video game

Emergency meetings at the kitchen table.

Turn your house into a space station and attempt to finish imaginary tasks in Among Sus, a free live action roleplaying version of the popular video game.

Inspired by Among Us, a video game that has players trying to figure out who the traitors are in their group, Among Sus is a LARP - or live action roleplaying - game that players can experience in their own homes. As in the video game it’s based on, Among Sus begins on a spaceship that’s piloted by a crew made up of the players, some of which are imposters who are attempting to murder everyone else. As a social deduction game, Among Sus challenges the players to identify who amongst them isn’t telling the truth.

Players will need a space with multiple rooms, a buzzer or noise-maker of some kind to act as the call for emergency meetings and several “white sheets” for the ghost costumes. Role cards - one of which is for the imposter - are then secretly mixed together and handed out to the players, whoever holds the imposter card needs to eliminate enough of the other players so there is only one other player left. Players then receive a task list and must visit the different stations shown on the list, which are assigned to each of the different rooms, in order to complete their tasks.

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To do a task in the Among Us inspired game, a player must be the only one inside the room at one time and should wait 15-seconds, the crewmates win if they manage to complete all their tasks before they’re eliminated. The imposter must make their way around the house in search of victims who they tap on the shoulder to eliminate, whilst trying not to look too suspicious. Any ‘dead’ crewmates need to lay or sit on the floor until they’re discovered by another crewmate, which then triggers a dead body report.

During a dead body report or emergency meeting - which can be triggered by crewmates using the assigned noise-maker - the players are finally able to talk in order to decide whether to send anyone out of the ‘airlock’ door. Should the imposter be sent out the ‘airlock’ then the crewmates win, but they won’t find out if they’re successful until they try it. Any ‘dead’ players can then become ghosts, wearing the white sheets to indicate as such, and can continue to perform tasks.

The roleplaying game also comes with a selection of optional rules including ones to enable the imposter to enact sabotage on the ship, which involves them playing one of the downloadable audio clips near to a task station, ones that force the crewmates to perform tasks in a certain order and suggestions for adding more props to increase immersion.

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Among Sus was created by Michelle Nephew - co-owner of Atlas Games, the publisher behind RPG Magical Kitties Save the World and Gloom - for their kids to play during Spring Break.

Among Us is a video game developed and published by Innersloth that has players secretly splitting into teams of either innocent crewmates or murderous traitors. Throughout the game, the crewmates must travel around the map to perform mundane tasks, whilst the imposters seek out lone victims to kill. Players are not allowed to talk during the game, except for in emergency meetings and dead body reports which they must use to decide whether to eject anyone out of the airlock.

The rules, role cards, task lists, task station labels and audio files are free to download from the Among Sus website.

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