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Lost Cities designer’s Ancient Egyptian board game, Amun-Re, is getting a reprint

Don’t let victory slip between your fingers.

A board game from the designer of two-player title Lost Cities, Reiner Knizia, is seeing a fresh reprint this year.

Originally published in 2003, Amun-Re is a board game about ruling Egypt as rival Pharaohs each looking to establish their mark on the world before their deaths. The new upcoming 20th Anniversary version of Amun-Re rewrites this concept to change the player roles from Pharaohs to Nomarchs, or Ancient Egyptian governors who are each in charge of a province. However, despite their already impressive amount of power, the Nomarchs desire more and must compete to gain control of additional provinces and wealth.

As patrons of Amun-Re, the players will be striving to provide plenty of offerings at the end of every round, with whatever crops their farming land can yield being offered up. Players will be looking to purchase as much stone as they need to build pyramids across Ancient Egypt. The reprint of Amun-Re is also being released alongside three new expansions created for the game, including one centred around Nomarchs building their own tombs, crafting beautiful statues and expansions designed to better support smaller player-counts.

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New artwork by Vincent Dutrait - the illustrator behind Jaipur, Lost Cities, co-op game Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island and The Quest for El Dorado - is featured within the reprint of Amun-Re.

In the original release of Amun-Re, three to five players competed to gain as much favour as possible with Amun-Re and the other Ancient Egyptian gods. Throughout the game, players are purely focused on building as many pyramids as they can, buying up new land to build on and acquiring the materials they need for the structures.

Apart from Amun-Re and Lost Cities, Knizia is best known for designing the civilisation-building board game Tigris & Euphrates - in which players need to balance the different aspects of their societies in order to gather as many victory points as they can - and the co-op board game based on JRR Tolkien’s book series The Lord of the Rings.

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The Amun-Re reprint is being published by Alley Cat Games, the studio responsible for releasing Dice Hospital, Tinners’ Trail, Chocolate Factory and the fantasy-themed roll-and-write game Paper Dungeons.

A tease surrounding Spring 2022 has been included on the announcement page for Amun-Re, with no other details for a release date or Kickstarter campaign launch date provided.

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