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Chronicles of Crime publisher picks up another game from Flamecraft studio

Playing on the edge.

The company responsible for the Chronicles of Crime series is publishing yet another board game from the studio behind Flamecraft.

Lucky Duck Games, the company responsible for releasing the Chronicles of Crime and Destinies app-assisted games, is publishing another board game by Cardboard Alchemy – the studio that is best known for the adorable dragon-themed tabletop title Flamecraft. Having already co-published the aforementioned Flamecraft, Lucky Duck Games is now set to release Cardboard Alchemy’s Andromeda’s Edge, a sci-fi game set in the far-reaches of space.

An image of the components for Andromeda's Edge.

A space-themed board game that supports one to five players, Andromeda’s Edge sees players becoming the leaders of their own respective factions. As leaders of these rival factions, players must manage the various aspects of their spaceship fleets, taking their turns to perform actions and spread their control over different regions of the galaxy. Each faction will have its own unique playstyle, with Andromeda’s Edge presenting players with an asymmetrical game – meaning that players will have different abilities and/or objectives depending on their chosen faction.

As a worker-placement board game, players will use their spaceships to complete the actions available on their player-boards, which can be customisable to suit each person’s respective approaches to the game. The more players progress through Andromeda’s Edge, they’ll be able to upgrade their starships, giving them new abilities to gain an advantage over their rivals. Upgrading their spaceships will see players attaching new modules to their player-boards, thereby enabling them to perform new actions. New actions mean players get more ways to traverse the galaxy, claim new regions and develop them for the benefit of their respective factions.

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Andromeda’s Edge was designed by Luke Laurie, the co-creator of The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire – a spin-off title from The Manhattan Project, a board game inspired by the major historical event – the designer of fantasy board game Dwellings of Eldervale and co-creator of Cyro, a board game published by Pandemic studio Z-Man Games.

A crowdfunding campaign for Andromeda’s Edge is set to be launched on Gamefound in January 2023, with pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be confirmed.

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