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Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons contributors collaborate on Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea RPG

Alongside cosplayers and Ennie award winners

Contributors for Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons will collaborate together on the upcoming RPG setting Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea.

The D&D supplement will see players creating and playing as a party of ‘awakened’ animals embarking on a seafaring adventure. The group of announced authors include Deven Rue, who is best known for being the official cartographer for the Dungeons & Dragons actual play series Critical Role. Rue has devised a collection of maps for The Faraway Sea, which will feature a chain of islands for players to explore in search of a series of magical items.

Other aspects of the setting, such as characters and adventures, have been co-designed by Ginny Di - a Dungeons & Dragons cosplayer and contributor on Bardsung, which was previously released by the publisher behind The Faraway Sea, Steamforged - Ennie award-winner Marc Langworthy, D&D editor and designer Ginny Loveday, Mari Tokuda - the author of horror RPG Malifaux: Third Edition - Conan RPG co-designer Rachel Cruz, as well as Chaosium and Modiphius writer Lloyd Gyan, amongst many other tabletop writers and designers.

The Faraway Sea artwork

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is the latest entry in a series of Dungeons & Dragons supplements that began with Dungeons & Doggies - which featured a collection of playable canine characters - and has since expanded into complete campaign settings for the fantasy roleplaying game. In The Faraway Sea, players become a group of animals, varying from Alpaca to Albatrosses, who are free to sail around the coastline of a fantastical world containing various factions and potential quests to pursue.

Rather than containing an overarching main storyline for players to follow, The Faraway Sea will be an open-world experience featuring several different locations for players to explore, including a bustling coastal town called Flotsam. Players will be able to choose from a selection of different subclasses in the game, including an Artificer class inspired by the one introduced in the official D&D 5E sourcebook Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and a monster-killing subclass that takes its cues from The Witcher series of fantasy novels.

Besides the aforementioned collaborators, Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea was co-created by Russ Charles and Richard August - the co-designers behind the previous Animal Adventures setting book, Gullet Cove, as well as Dungeons & Doggies and Cats & Catacombs.

alpaca bard The Faraway Sea miniature

Apart from Bardsung and the Animal Adventures series, Steamforged is also responsible for releasing several video game board games such as Resident Evil 2: The Board Game and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game.

The Kickstarter campaign for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is set to be launched tomorrow - July 20th - with the core pledge costing backers £63 ($75) and a hardback copy of the setting book costing £28 ($35).

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