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Arkham Horror 3E’s first big expansion doubles number of scenarios, introduces series' first trans investigator

Stella Clark joins seven existing Arkham Horror Files characters.

The first big-box expansion for Arkham Horror: Third Edition has been revealed, adding a significant chunk of new content to the horror board game.

Arkham Horror: Under Dark Waves follows last year’s small-box expansion Dead of Night, which added a couple of extra scenarios and four investigators to the 2018 release.

The upcoming board game expansion heads outside of the main town for the first time with double-sided tiles representing the classic Lovecraftian locales of Innsmouth and Kingsport.

Locations both new and old can be afflicted by Under Dark Waves’ new gameplay feature, terror, which joins the existing threat of doom. When triggered by a certain level of doom or drawing the terror mythos token, terror cards from a deck unique to the current scenario are added to the top of neighbourhood decks and must be resolved before a standard encounter.

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Under Dark Waves doubles the number of scenarios included in the original Arkham Horror 3E box, adding another four scenarios for players to tackle during individual playthroughs. Along with Dead of Night, there are now ten different scenarios available for the game.

The expansion also introduces eight new investigators for players to control, on top of the core set’s dozen and Dead of Night’s four - making the total number of player characters 24 between the three releases.

The new investigators include familiar faces from the expanded Arkham Horror Files universe, such as drifter Ashcan Pete and sailor Silas Marsh, as well as a brand new character in the form of Kingsport letter carrier Stella Clark. Stella’s investigator backstory, as shown during the FFG Live reveal of the expansion, implies she is the first openly trans investigator in an Arkham Horror Files game.

In total, Under Dark Waves will include more than 150 cards, alongside the various bits required by the new investigators, terror rules and locations.

Arkham Horror: Under Dark Waves is due for release in Q3 2020, according to publisher Fantasy Flight Games. The expansion will cost $55 (£43).

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