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As You ‘Wich is a party game about making the best sandwich

Fill me in.

A new party game challenges players to build the best sandwich.

As You ‘Wich sees players assemble their Scooby Doo-like tower of bread and fillings by acquiring cards from ‘shops’ that add both ingredients and preparation methods - “some delicious, others malicious”, as the game’s announcement trailer puts it.

Once each player has created their stack, they give it a name and present it for judgement by the rest of the group. Players must cast their vote for a sandwich other than their own, with the most popular sandwich winning the game.

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As You ‘Wich is the first game from debut designers Janelle Jones and Sanji Moore, who first came up with the idea ten years ago, then called just Sandwich.

It’s being published by Studio71, the company behind tabletop video game adaptation The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls and another party game from Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen, this year's Tapeworm.

As You ‘Wich is headed to Kickstarter “soon”, with an exclusive promo card, Any Ingredient on Hand, available to those who sign up to back the game through its website.

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